Commercial and Industrial cleaning

We are a well proficient and well-known enterprise as a Commercial and Industrial cleaning company having successfully performed with our skills to fulfill the needs and aspirations of our valued clientele. Though known us as a Commercial and Industrial cleaning company the two types of cleaning have only slight discrepancies. As a norm the clients for commercial cleaning invite us only after a lapse of a few months while in industrial cleaning we are called weekly perhaps as cleaning needs urgent attention owing to the type of services discharged.

We have competent trained staff within our workforce all are professionally trained cleaning personnel. The number deployed depends on the magnitude of the project. When an agreement is met with the client in regard to the scale of the task. We typically make a visit to the client’s premises on appointment to gauge the degree of the cleaning to be done. We then make an approximate estimate of the labor charge to be invoiced after the completion of the cleaning task. The number of workmen deployed also depends on the quantum of work to be completed, with the experience we are able to predict the number to be deployed. Also, we are knowledgeable enough to know the requisite equipment and the chemicals needed which are of different varieties for varied purposes. We are able through our extensive experience in cleaning expertise whether to what extent vacuums, blowers or steamers are needed. Of course, the other secondary and tertiary gear like ladders, rags, water etc are carried by the fleet deployed for the task.

At the end of the exercise, the staff are entailed to mark the time arrived, departed which would help to dispatch the invoice to the client who is expected to pay to our company account. The clients are free to challenge us on the amounts charged in the invoice to which we will reply explaining the queries. Our accounts team usually keeps an eye on the dues if delayed send reminders.

Please see below the list of Types of Cleaning Services we provide to your organisation – Commercial & Industrial

Types of Cleaning

Bond Property Maintenance provides a range of cleaning services to its clients, including but not limited to the following:

Comprehensive Cleaning

High Pressure Water Cleaning

Food Safety Cleaning

Waste Removal and Recycling

Anti-Static Carpet Cleaning & Treatment

Floor Strip and Sealing

Sanitary Supplies

Consumables Pest Control

Window Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Graffiti Removal