We at The Bond Property Maintenance are a renowned professional gardening service company having professional staff personnel and been a successful business entity for several years. Landscape gardening ls one of our main competencies as most house owners prefer to redesign, remodel or to reshape their gardens which is the current passion among house owners.

However, Gardening is the exercise of growing plants as apart of horticulture. We grow ornamental plants which are primarily grown for blooming flowers, foliage and for general appearance. We also undertake to grow useful plants like root vegetables, leaf vegetables, edible fruits are herbs exclusively for consumption also for medical and cosmetic usage.

We are able to undertake gardening ranges in scale from fruit orchards, long thoroughfare including lawns. We are specialized in many types of planting involving a variety of plants according to the wishes of the client. Another area that we stay focused are garden pests, insects, spiders, mites’ slugs, snails, ants , birds even cats. and fungi that engage actively which the we gardeners consider undesirable, which disturb soil, stunt the growth, damage fruit. In these unfortunate situations we are equipped with various ways to eradicate these menaces with use of organic pesticides, mole vibrators etc.
In the context of the above, we as an experienced reputed gardening company are able to handle any task in the field of horticultural activities.