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Site assessment free of charge, followed by a quote with clear prices

Commercial Cleaning

Thrive through relationships, collaborations and communications

24/7 Service Solution

Total cleaning solution for clients that require commitment & quality

Across Australia

Nation-wide service delivery for multiple sites

Client Centric

Customise your cleaning experience for your company and staff

Quality Assurance

Proven quality management plan with a high standard of quality

Time Attendance App

Streamline payroll management by recording cleaner’s arrival and departure times

Digital Site Reports

Stay up-to-date with the latest site cleaning reports and Bond Property Maintenance offerings

Leading Technology

Stay abreast of the technological changes in equipment and cleaning methods

Staff Training

On-boarding, training and ongoing development for all Bond Property Maintenance Staff

Digital Reports

We provide our customers with a digital solution that allows them to stay up-to-date with the latest site cleaning reports and Bond Property Maintenance  offerings:

Quality Assurance Reports
Client Site Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Cleaning Specifications
Current Client Invoices and Outstanding Payables
Service Level Agreements Contracts
Ability to Purchase Cleaning Products from Bond Property Maintenance

Time & Attendance App

Our iOS app comes free of charge, added value service, which allows our cleaning staff to clock in and out at any site anywhere across Australia. The system captures:

Cleaner’s attendance times
Integrated with our client management portal
Reports are generated for each site
Accounts payable becomes easier

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