Site Inspections

The Bond Property maintenance is a reputed company to carry out site inspections with a proven track record for a number of years  Routine inspection is crucial in any part of a construction project.. We ensure that inspections are vital that should work within a project to go forward as planned and are strictly adhered to according to requirements, standards, and guidelines. Operating a construction site necessitates the expertise of people, materials, and equipment. hence, construction inspections are accomplished for a great number of objectives in every construction stage and throughout the entire project period to guarantee that things are proceeding efficiently. 

We carry construction inspections as a contractual obligation accomplished by the contractors to provide the client or a third party an independent view of the construction works and their progress. We carry out routine construction inspections including the following activities: 

We monitor the inspection of the construction procedure to make sure that all materials and procedures comply with the plan and designs. Reporting of daily on-site inspections. Detailed inspections of the quality of installations to verify they comply with standards and specifications. We scrutinize drawings and specifications and discuss deviations and non-conformities.

We keep and maintain inspection checklists and records in a complete, accurate, and orderly manner. Participation in project meetings, monitoring the contractor’s scheduled inspections of paints and coatings, Field testing and materials sampling of soils, concrete, and asphalt, etc. We review the completion of change order/s monitoring and documenting materials delivered and used in the construction works . Perform semi-final and final inspections upon building completion, Preparation of punch list/s, and monitoring of completion works and Handover inspection for smooth project close-out. 

We observe most inspections are usually conducted but not limited to during the construction phase. But before one can inspect and start reporting on a project’s progress, specific inspections are carried out as part of the general contract administration process. These inspections may be part of the contract review and contract signing, pre-contract meetings and client onboarding. 

Construction site inspectors may either be the project manager, a member of the contractors’ existing team, or an entirely different consultant. Depending on the size of the project, site inspection may have to be carried out by a team with specific inspectors per different departments of the project. Design consultants also play a role in periodic inspections. For specific aspects of a project, specialist inspectors may be required to perform inspections on environmental policy, waste management on site, availability, etc. 

Since site inspectors furnish the contract manager or project manager with an independent evaluation of construction works and their progress, we as site inspectors usually keep a daily construction log in a site diary conduct construction progress meetings and create and submit regular reports. 

Quality control (QC) inspections involve those that ensure that the construction works comply with requirements. For construction quality, there are technical specifications that describe what controls must be carried out to guarantee that construction works are carried out satisfactorily. 

These controls are not only for the products and materials but also include the execution and completion of the construction works. Inspections are a way to control the quality of finished construction work. The desired outcome is to refine the product or work before being presented to the client such that those that do not comply with requirements are fixed. 

Our goal is to lessen the costs of poor quality and that the deliverable project complies with all of the client’s requirements whether you’re implementing internal or external controls or even both. 

The international standards applied to construction is the ISO 9000 family of standards which includes technical guides, reports and specifications related to the efficiency of a construction organisation’s quality management system. Basically, the principles that determine the quality management in construction standards are scope of the construction project, the budget of the project and the schedule for completion.